“Tolerance is the need of Ours”…first we should know what the word tolerance means and then we can go from here. This comes from the Merriam-Webster dictionary online and it states a few definitions but here are three that to me are relevant to what I see.


1. The capacity to endure pain and hardship 

2. Sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own

3. The act of allowing something


In the first definition we see that whatever we become of suffering through prejudices or societies that do not treat equality for the people it serves, it is up to us to endure this as if we did not then what happens resistance becomes of this and who actually wins when both for justice that becomes of injustice. In essence what one is doing is becoming dominate over the other to prove a point but what point do we prove? Morality does not win in a fist fight for a cause as to see this of its own happening then both do become once again the ignorant party. So the bottom line of this is to trust what is within oneself and to know that this will workout in its own accord. Is there enough bloodshed already to keep having more hardship as well. To fight for a cause and not see the real truth that one possesses within themselves as to seek stability in oneself and be tolerant that all will workout with the trust as well that it has. So we see this as enduring the pain and hardship that is imposed on others including ourselves to have such trust to know that all has worked out. Why has war broke out? Why has poverty taken place? Why has there been injustice in a system that is suppose to be fair to all and we just do not see this? It all boils down to trusting what is within us all and not to die a martyr in doing so. Our lives are more precious than proving a point for the sake of humanity that in essence one day could start this cycle all over again. If we only learn to trust what is within us, then we can see the real truth of all injustices and then all can be exposed for the tuth does not lie and it sure does not fight either. Why? Because it tolerates without prejudice whatever is dished out to it 

Next definition we look at is in understanding, that we withhold back on seeing with a blind eye for we may not know the people of culture and why they do what they do, so in essence we become sympathetic in understanding their beliefs different from what is ours or what we been taught. It is really a symbol of their happiness and what they have found with inside of themselves that they wish to have an achievement or a decent way of life that has been shown to them in culture that has passed down from their generation to generation and as said of their way of life that makes them happy with it. Maybe different in our eyes but to tolerate without prejudice to see their happiness come true for them. Even if it becomes of the neighborhood we live in or the work we do or the school we attend seeing this person and their culture exposed while we are at their side. So we hold back in tolerance that we wish someone their happiness they wish to achieve by being steadfast and enjoying with ours. We are not here to teach people who we are and to force our beliefs or culture on them or to have such prejudices to despise their right to have the same happiness we have and show them that they are not fitting enough to be with us here enjoying the life we have as well. With tolerance we can stand fast and withhold any animosity in doing so with such hate and prejudices to force them out of a place they may see as it their happiness. But we can intermingle with all to blend harmony in maybe discovering what others can show us to make us enjoy with them as well. Our job is not to make conformity by what the mind’s eye wishes to see but to bestow equality, harmony and balance with diversity to ensure all to be happy where they are and ourselves go. Understanding is the big key in having sympathy with compassion as to doing so we may learn something about ourselves through our eyes that they show us.


The next definition we look at is the act of allowing something. On the road we travel with life on, we have no way of knowing what is around the corner for us. As we continue onward we should never feel comfortable where we stand as change does come about us each moment we step into. So to be comfortable where we are can be taken away from us in a split second, so we should not expect the worst to happen to us but we should be ever aware or vigil in what our surroundings are doing to us. If something does happen then it is up to us to accept this change as this would be the act of allowing something to be. There was good reason why something happened the way it did and not get deeper with its meaning, we just tolerated the situation that came about with its cause that it knew what it had to do. In this acceptance of what this has done we can advance onward again without hindrance or prejudice. Another key word to be within tolerance with is acceptance and allowance. To make an analogy here, does a stream hold back when it knows of its flow returning back to its source and that would be the ocean. To stop and be withholding with such situation would bring about a lost thought in how one then needs to get out of a situation as now the stream has formed itself as a dam and in such flowing the dam eventually will fill to capacity and overflow, still in its flow but more of its contents being held back that before all things ran smoothly. So in essence we have allowed something to happen to be continuance of where it really is going.


We have just seen three points basically the same intention as the key word came here was in allowance for to hold back only hold up fears, guilt and worries leaving all things as an insecurity and that is not in the human spirit to move on with as the human soul was not manufactured to have all these hidden agendas and sorrows but to have a great life within the universe that houses such soul and to have such soul touch others as well so that all is of equality in learning and becoming diversified and of love as well. After all we are all made of such love that has made us and brought us here through our spirit and soul to have this experience in such diversity and to tolerate within us so that others may advance like the analogy of the stream returning back to its source we all have come from. So to be a champion in life we can definitely say is “Tolerance is the need of ours” so others may strive for happiness in an ever present chaotic world that we wish peace to be in.

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