Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde

Director: Spike Jonze

Cinematic wunderkind Spike Jonze returns with a world that doesn’t seem so far away.

Winner of this year’s Best Writing (Original Screenplay) Academy Award, Her is a surreal mixture of fact and fantasy and that is something what makes this movie brilliant in its own right. The story line is set in an ultra post-modern society in which people are completely immersed in digital world while prioritizing digital interaction over human interaction. And, in a society like this, a melancholic, boring cum lonely guy named Theodore Twombly ( Joaquin phoenix) falls in love with an ‘operation system’ – an advanced and highly intelligent OS named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Focusing on romance, intimacy and relationships the movie then perfectly elucidates seemingly interesting and realistically bizarre aspects of this peculiar affair. I really loved the execution of plot and ideas in this movie; Theo’s solitude is saved by an OS but still he feels empty and lonely, he shares everything with her but discomfort in his life is still there and, most importantly, their relationship lacks human touch. 

Compassionate, plausible and shrewd, Her is a marvelous piece of cinema – while there is a slight lag in proceedings at one point, it’s the only low in a journey that’s packed full of highs and which presents a not-too distant future that’s both recognizable and emotionally frightening.

Acting is superb and I am surprised that why Joaquin was not nominated for Best Actor in a leading role category. However, he acted magnificently in Walk the Line playing Johnny Cash which also earned him an Oscar nomination. If you are in a mood of watching something entirely different and realizing the value of human interaction. “Her” is a phenomenally made movie with amazing actors and is a must see for this movie season.

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