Is Pakistan Idol coming back?

Most of you probably have noticed the promotional ads of ” Pakistan Idol ” on the GEO Television Network channels and over the social media websites. Well, Yes, Pakistani Idol is finally back in Pakistan. After becoming immense popular all over the world, Pakistan is all set to get its own version of the singing talent show ‘Pop Idol’.  It’s being produced by Geo Television network in collaboration with Fremantle Media.  Among the judges of the famous reality show are one of the best and versatile Female singer of Pakistan “Hadiqa Kiani”, Legendary actress, singer, comedian and playwright “Bushra Ansari” and singer, musician and lead vocalist of the pop/rock band Junoon “Ali Azmat”.

The auditions have already been taken in Karachi and Islamabad. I was there in Islamabad for Islamabad audition of Pakistan Idol which took place at the amazing arena “Pak China Friendship Centre”. For me, It was the first time ever to have an auditioning experience for a reality show. It was amazing. The were thousands of contestants waiting in the long queues for auditions in Islamabad in the heat of 35 C degree. Everyone was cheering and super excited for their auditions. Islamabad welcomed “Pakistan Idol” with open arms. Pakistani Idol Team was super nice, well mannered and cooperating. Pepsi, Q Mobiles and Mobilink had  their stalls to cheer up the contestants and offer free drinks, pictures to the upcoming contestants.

Pakistan Idol

After being selected at the "Pre-Auditions" - waiting for Judges room

Many of the contestants were from the twin City of Islamabad “Rawalpindi” and the outskirts of Rawalpindi. Some even came from Peshawar. If you can sing and are in Faisalabad or Lahore then waiting in the queues for few hours is definitely worth it. Go and audition. You’ll definitely have a great time. Pakistan Idol has organized an amazing place for you to advance your talent on a wider scale and bigger platform.

Waiting in the Queue for Registration

The show was supposed to be lunched in the winter of 2007 by GEO Television Network but  has seen airing date delays due to the crisis in the country in 2007 and was still in production.  In August 2008 Geo TV, announced that the show and its auditions have been put on hold until further notice. It’s finally back this year after a gap of 6 years now.

Shooting some promos

There also have been many other Musical Talent Hunting Reality shows in Pakistan during the last few years; such as “LG Awaaz Banay Star”, “Cornetto Music Icon”, “Jazz Icon (2006)”, “Pakistan Music Stars (2011)”,  “Aye Nigar-e-Watan“, “Sangeet Icon“, etc. Although these competition had been popular and successful among the critics and youth but failed to make a place in the hearts of the public and the winners didn’t become largely popular among the Music Industry.

Ali Azmat welcomed at Islamabad auditions

At this point, Pakistan Idol seems to be a powerful hope and light for the Music Industry of Pakistan and reality shows of Pakistan; We hope Pakistan Idol brings us an amazing show and talent and makes a special place in the hearts of Pakistan people and people all over the world so Pakistani youth can finally forget about the other Musical Reality shows of the neighboring countries.

Sunset at the Islamabad Auditions

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