Peace, Voluntarism and Youth: Perspectives Pakistan

It has been a known fact that the world thrives on peace and cooperation. International cooperation and peace is something everybody wants. But then who’d care for the problems faced within the country?
Every nation wants to have strong and healthy relations with other nations, but who’ll pay attention to the bitterness among different communities within the country?
The answer is fairly simple. The youth. It is the youth who are the catalysts of change.
Take the case of our country- Pakistan. Much has been written and said about Pakistan in local as well as foreign media, terrorism being the most favourite topic of all time. Pakistan, ever since it got independence from the British in 1947, has been facing protests, violent riots. Terror outfits have been breeding in our nation since long. But have we done anything about it? No. But the time isn’t yet over. Our nation has a young population, and we, the youth of Pakistan can bring in the change. We have the power of influencing decisions of political parties, we have done so in the past, to end military rule and bring in democracy.
Coming to democracy, people’s participation is very important. We, the youth of Pakistan can engage ourselves in humanitarian activities, agitate against the wrongdoings of our governments on provincial-level and national-level. The future of our nation lies on our shoulders. Hence, it is our duty towards our nation to lead it in the right direction.
The idea of serving others has always helped people understand themselves better. Volunteering for noble causes like anti-terrorism and ethical working of institutions is a service to mankind, and a service to the nation.
We can volunteer with like-minded people for the betterment of our people’s living conditions.
In Pakistan, we have food scarcity and food insecurity which are serious problems to deal with. To ensure safe and proper distribution of food, we can do the following things-
• Word of mouth is the best way to learn about opportunities. If we find an organisation that interests us, we can call and get information on what we can do to serve.

• We can get our friends involved and meet new people too! Volunteering provides a great atmosphere to meet people with similar interests. After all, like-minded people working together never spoils the broth!

• If we play a sport, or are involved in any other kinds of activities, talk to our instructor and see if our team might be able to do something together.

• We must utilize our skills. Whatever you are good at, for example- computers, working with youth, environmental work- can be put to good use with non-profit organisations, NGO’s and local agencies.

• We may talk with our parents, friends, teachers, and other adults about your volunteer activities. Not only will we be encouraging them to serve, we will also have the chance to reflect upon how our activities change others and our society.

• Volunteer with our family. We can get our family involved in something that we can do together, like painting murals or cleaning your neighborhood park. After all, charity begins at home.

• Contact different organizations to see about one-time events happening every now and then. Participate in them to create social awareness. Participating in that kind of an event will provide you an insight of what more can be done.
These activities mentioned above would not only bring people from different strata together, but also ensure that they stay away from wrongdoings.

A very important factor which always helps is optimism.
We must be optimistic about Pakistan’s future. It is in our hands, and if we serve it properly, it’d bear fruit soon. A little patience and hard work can make Pakistan one of the most sought after countries.
As good neighbours, we have a lot to learn from India.
The recently launched “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, meaning “Clean India Mission” is Indian government’s cleanliness drive, which aims to clean up India by 2019. We, too, can emulate this and encourage our people to do the same. After all, cleanliness is a necessity on both the sides of the border.
Such small steps lead nations to prosperity and peace.

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