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11665655_1008820715809025_3220365616712099470_nI feel it’s important for me to speak on the issue I’m being questioned for the last few days. I’ve worked the transgender society of Pakistan through AIDS awareness and gender identity programs the last summer. We learned the true stories from the members of community which ashamed us to call ourselves ‘human’ and the experienced trimmed my views to be more open and accepting; the day I learned never to judge or presume. I’ve always believed we’re born without religion, concept of race, color or origin and that’s how should proceed in life – considering yourself a human being first and believing in the human values and rights as a doctrine or degree doesn’t make you a good follower or human but your deeds and moral values do.

For consenting adults, the right to choose whom to love or to whom one may make a commitment, such as a marriage, surely must count as a basic human right. No government should be able to stand in the way of this right. It’s just like the right of any adult to choose which religion to practice, or to reject religion completely. No government should be able to force religious views or practices on non-believers or other-believers. A great victory for equality and human rights. It’s about time everyone irrespective of their race, sex, cast, religion or sexual orientation live a free and dignified life.

Morality is defined differently by different people. Buddhism says there can be multiple version of truth. Your truth. My truth or it may differ yet both maybe truth. You need to widen your views. Don’t be frog in well.

Technically the societies that are more tolerant (In terms of giving rights to LGBT, religious minorities, atheists and free of religious discrimination) tend to do better economically than others since they attract the best talent regardless of their sexual preferences, religion or color. US has just set itself in line to match the successes of Britain, Scandinavia, and other western European countries (Not that before this it was doing poorly).

We must accept living in a true pluralistic society with different life styles, opinions, culture and attitudes. This is how the civilizations evolve and flourish. Societies where one life style is forced upon will eventually vanish.

I’d sum up my statement with a quote by Eminem, “I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Simple as that.”

If you disagree, I still respect you and admire you as a human and friend as tolerance is the need of hour. Celebrate similarities and respect differences – the core human values.

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