Sonehra Pakistan – A Sonehra Initiative by Soneri Bank to celebrate Independence Day

beautiful-view-of-muzaffarabad-pakistanSonehra Pakistan – Like every year all organizational and educational institutions,spaces and architectural landmarkshave turned green and white with national flags on the occasion of 69th Independence Day of Pakistan. However, on this Independence Day a remarkable initiative was taken by Soneri bank to virtually bring together the youth from all cities and cherish the beauty of Pakistan to promote a lighter, greener, softer and positive image of Pakistan on social media particularly on Twitter and Instagram – The campaign was termed Sonehra Pakistan and carried around on the social media with hashtag#SonehraPakistan.

#SonehraPakistan was Soneri Bank’s Initiative to create a positive image of Pakistan on digital media which involved numerous Pakistanis from various cities, sections, classes, social groups and ethnicities to come together to utilize the power of social media for a noble cause to show the positive side of Pakistan. This stepwasmuch needed given excessive coverage of the violent side of Pakistan and in this process the ordinary lives of millions of Pakistanis are often ignored. This process downplays the voice of the 99.99% of Pakistan which is not scary and violent at all.

Hashtag #SonehraPakistan remained among the top 10 trends in Pakistan for most of the day on Twitter and at multipleoccasions was ranked No. 2 and quickly became the talk of the town. Hundreds of photos and tweets; all carrying a vital and interesting fact, image or stat about Pakistan circulated. This campaign highlighted a prosperous, bright and developing Pakistan with rather an appealing way that kept people engaged for the whole day on Independence Day.

The campaign one of its kind brought people together to cherish, communicate and celebrate the Independence Day. Great campaigns such as these inspire others to start their own. People from various sections shared their stories and experiences with motherland and all such stories showed the world that everyordinary Pakistani is fullof compassion, love and human dignity.

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