Care for Ahmed but How about thousands of Ahmedi in Pakistan?

Well, whatever happened with Ahmed Mohammad is deplorable and plain stupid. That is why, notable personalities, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama, are speaking in his support. Apart from many Americans, almost all Pakistanis, including me, are expressing their support through social media, which I have no issues with. But how about taking a little time out to think, why we never expressed our support with those Ahmedi students who were expelled from school just because of their faith? Why not a single statement from our Prime Minister over such an inhumane act? Why a minority is considered as a threat?

You care more about discrimination and hate your fellow skin colour person gets in America, while you comfortably abhor a minority in your own country. Perhaps, this is why you will never be able to become a single, harmonious nation. Perhaps, this is why your leaders are imbeciles who do not give a damn about building a tolerant society and ensuring equal participation. Perhaps, you are a stinking hypocrite who complains about other’s shit, while you comfortably breathes in your own.

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