Challenges of Pakistani Youth

Featured imagePakistan faces multi-role challenges, internal as well as external, of complex dimensions not easily resolvable. Internal challenges include intolerance, a fractured state and society, bad governance, poverty, quality education, weakened institutions, extremism, weak economy, energy crisis, water shortage, and lack of political leadership. Unprecedented corruption in Pakistan’s government institutions with no end in sight. Institutions corroded from within and bad governance the norm, not the exception.
Pakistan has been weakened from within. It is facing an existential challenge from all sorts of extremist ideologies ranging from rightist Islamic radicalism to leftist ethnic identities assertions. Meanwhile, the global war on terror continues to haunt the country.

Furthermore recent times have seen relations between Pakistan and US stricken due to drone attacks and terrorism reaching its peak. However it is of great importance that both these countries come to common ground and reach for foreign policy that does not harness the interest of one state but of both the state as well as the citizens of state.
Moving to the relations of Pakistan with regional neighbors we see time and again China to be front runner in providing support as the closest ally. Talking about Pakistan and India relations the foremost issue that arises is territorial tension over Kashmir and water treaty violated; although, some improvement has been made in Pakistan-India relations mainly in the business and the trade sectors. Overall, relations between the two nuclear neighbors remain frosty.

To increase the mutual understanding among Pakistan, western world and its regional neighbors the exchange of youth, professional and cultural delegates and composite dialogue is essential. Such programs will increase mutual understanding among the people of U.S and Pakistan. Such programs will bridge up the gaps and will be helpful in building confidence and bring people close to each other.

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