A victim of Lack of knowledge and Hijacked Mindset?

In a country of 185 million people, 30-40,000 people is a drop in the bucket. Neither Pakistani nor Shariah law allows someone to take the law into their own hands and murder a person who he thinks has defamed the Prophet. Islam is a religion of laws and very well codified. This type of barbarism is not permitted in Islam, and Pakistanis by and large do not support the actions against the slain governor.

Qadri, a police bodyguard to Salman Taseer, shot the Punjab governor 28 times at a market in Islamabad in 2011. He claimed that he was angry with the governor’s statements to reform the blasphemy law. Mumtaz Qadri in his own sense may have imitated Gazi Ilum Deen.

However in my opinion his action never conformed with the true teachings of Islam.

1: No one is allowed to take law in his own when there is an Islamic state responsible for that.
2: His action was actually not of a man with courage. It was a cowardly action and a dishonesty with the trust he was given which is totally against the teachings of Rasool Ullah.
3. He was actually a victim of “lack of knowledge and hijacked mindset”.

Murderer was punished for treasonous murder of he whose duty it was to protect. The Pakistani mob which gathered at the funeral seeked to glorify the criminal and allowed freedom of speech/worship/belief/political process to suffer. That’s completely unjustifiable.


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