Kurkure Karnival on Wheels visits the city of Rawalpindi

Crunchy new-age and spicy snack brand Kurkure is on its road to visit 10 cities of Pakistan. The activity termed as Kurkure Karnival on the wheels is an exclusive carnival like festival inaugurated by Kurkure Pakistan where the brand has illuminated the traditional Pakistani trucks with lights and color; the trucks are now going through city to city across Pakistan. The Kurkure Karnival on wheels is part of Kurkure’s ‘Gotta Love Extra’ campaign.


Kurkure Karnivals on the wheels recently was in Rawalpindi last week which might come as a surprise to many since numerous big brands ignore cities like Rawalpindi – despite Rawalpindi’s large talented population, influence and market value; the city is often overshadowed by its twin Islamabad. Kurkure Karnival visited the popular markets and shopping centers of Rawalpindi including Raja Bazar, Commercial Market and Saddar.


Karnival has attracted people from all walks of life. People were highly enthusiastic to participate in various challenges to win exciting prizes. These challenges included Krunch Challenge, Flavor Challenge and Bites challenge. People from different age groups participated in the challenges, won exciting prizes, enjoyed the spicy kurkure food, music and took many selfies. Kurkure Karnival on wheels turned the venue into a traditional carnival where people had yummy food, good music, fun challenges and most of all spicy and crunchy kurkure. Kurkure has been bringing an admirable wave in providing joyful activities to the People of Pakistan besides being a 100 percent safe snack made from trusted and high-quality ingredients.


There is also a contest for people who could not attend the Karnival in Rawalpindi or any other nine cities where it is headed towards. Just spot Kurkure Karnival’s truck, take a photo, a tweet it on twitter with the hashtag #KarnivalOnWheels and win exciting prizes.

Kurkure Karnival on wheels will be visiting Lahore and Karachi too! If you are in the mentioned cities, come and join this carnival of celebrating quality, spicy and crunch of Kurkure with an extra dose of fun. Details are on Kurkure Pakistan Facebook Page!

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