Things so far in Return To The Isle of The Lost

-Chad and Audrey are dating 22639095

-The story takes place after the Wicked World shorts

-Aziz is Aladdin and Jasmine’s son

-Herkie is Hercules’ and Megs’s son

-Pinocchio has a son named Pin

-Tourney sounds a lot cooler described in the book than it did in the movie

-Mrs. Potts makes the school meals

-Chad’s a jerk

-Camelot is in Aurodon

-There must be a Guinevere, because King Aruther has a son, Arthur Jr. but is referred to as Artie.

-Camelot doesn’t have cars, it only has horse drawn carriages

-Instaroyal, zap chat, and genie-mail are actual things

-Doug is perfect boyfriend

-Carlos is deathly afraid of Cruella

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