8 Things You Didn’t Know About Pakistan

What does not happen in Pakistan? Let it be awkward, hilarious or wired. Let’s have a look at 10 photographs taken by ordinary citizens that may tickle you.


1. The Culture of Make Believe – write anything, there are no consequences.

tumblr_mnebwpo8QE1qj67mco1_1280 (1).jpg
Dil sy – Don’t cry I will be back.

2. Anything is possible here. Let it be politics or entertainment show. We are all angels.

Before even getting into how wrong this is, please take a look at how “loving” these guys look!

3. We live by the term ‘My Life, My Rules’.

tumblr_mngjppTtyY1qj67mco1_1280 (1).jpg

4. We are too proud to be Pakistani.

Our nationalism on its peak.


5. Our names are funny, metaphorically.


Karachi: It’s spelled Anas guys, ANAS!

6. Desi Jugad – We do usual things in unusual ways.


No Mirror? No Problem.

7. You can find all the answers that you couldn’t find on google.


This lady will tell you all.

8. Our festivals are literally colorful and bright.


It’s Ramadan.



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