Daily life in Swat valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Pakistan is not all how the media portrays it as. Pakistan is one of the few countries with such a dynamic landscape; rivers, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, springs, glaciers we seem to have it all in great abundance. Pakistan’s tourism industry was in its heyday during the 1970s when the country received unprecedented amounts of foreign tourists. Despite all the political and peace instability, Pakistan, with its diverse cultures, people and landscapes attracted 1 million tourists in 2012. Pakistan is such a diverse region, it is the center of various religions and settlements long before the creation of the nation that exists today.






The stunning Swat valley has been at the epicentre of many tragedies, so much so that even the hands writing her elegies have run out of words. Be it extremism or catastrophe, there’s no calamity that has not yet descended upon the dwellers of Swat.






The landscape of Swat is among the few ones in the world where every glimpse is worth appreciating. Whether it is a topographical, historical, architectural or traditional glance, a story is hidden behind each. Diversity is what makes it charming.




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