8 Simple Questions K-Electric is Afraid to Reply

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Once upon a time, East India company came to the subcontinent, occupied lands, exploited natural resources and subjected the natives of subcontinent to adjunct slavery. They never disclosed how much they stole from this region but they use to take Tax or Lagan from the locals to prolong their inapt existence.

Our ancestor fought bloody wars and East India Company fled from these lands but their remains are still in this region to haunt our souls and tax our lives.

K-Electric is one such company that exploits the resources of this land and takes the profit to some pocket which we are not aware off.  There is no initiative; no social responsibility on K-Electric like there was any on East India Company. It is not part of the system to improve it; it is just a greedy vulture that is biting every bit of meat out of rotten skeleton of…

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