Break the Dowry Chain

Pakistan faces multirole challenges, internal as well as external, of complex dimensions not easily resolvable. Internal challenges include intolerance, poverty, quality education, energy crisis, water shortage, and lack of political leadership. Nevertheless, the are also underestimated issues that go under notice in everyday life. The culture of dowry is among those issues. The social evil dowry has claimed the lives of over 100,000 women* since 2001 whereas Pakistan has the highest reported number of dowry deaths per 100,000 women in the world.

Recently, one of the leading home appliances company Orient launched a unique, empowering and innovative TVC to set the mindsets on the right path both on the individual and collective level. What makes this idea super innovative is that it doesn’t aim to educate women to know and/or choose better but it educates men to understand their responsibility better and the role that comes along with it. The TVC gracefully walks us through the story of a bride who is about to get married with an innovative twist in the new relation when the groom voluntarily pays for the dowry. YES, watch it for yourself.

A simple and joyful Orient TVC fairly discourages the practice of dowry and plays an essential role in sensitization of the public. The message is way beyond meaningful and carries the legacy of all those women who endure discrimination, physical or verbal abuse in the name of dowry. Such deep-rooted ill practices ought to be eliminated and men need to accept that there’s no bigger gift than a wife as the one and half minute TVC beautifully narrates.

The snake of dowry needs to be eradicated. Parents need to realize there is no rationality in giving dowry, men need to man up and stand against this disease which claims dozens of lives daily. In a nutshell, I love the idea of educating men against the menace of dowry and parents of bride do not have to offer anything to groom or his family as a gesture of gratitude for taking their daughter’s hand.
Another recommendation can be, to introduce special chapter to denouncing dowry, should be included in the coursework of every school in the country to fight this social curse from the grassroots level. Ultimately, generating bottom-up pressure for reforms, social behavioral and attitude changes.

If we educate our kids, brothers, sisters or friends, tomorrow our generate will be saved from this cancer.

*Source: Sky News Britian

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