Because there is a hero in all of us.

Mein Hero/I Am A Hero is AzCorp’s latest initiative for the youth of Pakistan. Combining interactive class-based sessions with grass-roots local ‘superheroes’ AzCorp is furthering its vision of Team Muhafiz with the help of students who develop a ‘hero’ storyline – combining narrative, values, problem-solving and story-writing skills – while understanding local-level issues and the importance of individual action.


Selected stories have been converted into comic books and have been adapted as theater plays as well as broadcasts via radio in future.

Through this initiative, AzCorp celebrates and enables unsung heroes of Pakistan, who represent the true spirit of a hero, who are determined to make a positive change in their respective communities. This amazing journey has also been chronicled in a short documentary. Pilot activities with schools in Lyari, Shireen Jinnah Colony, and Malir started in May 2016, ended in November 2016. The Partnered schools are DCTO campus Lyari, Qurtaba Govt girls & boys primary school, Shireen Jinnah colony and SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Malir.


The ceremony held at NAPA was a token of appreciation given from the team and participants to our unsung heroes Mahanoor Baloch and Sohail Khan discovered during this journey and to launch small teasers of their journey, as for how they are playing their part for the benefit of their community breaking the stereotypes. Around 350 Students along with their teachers and parents along with guests from different organizations attended the ceremony at NAPA. The ceremony also staged a play, written and performed by the participants from all the three partnered Schools of the project under the supervision of team Zahrsss Productions and Mein Hero. All the participants were selected after rigorous numbers of auditions of 750 Participants over the period of 6 weeks. The play talks about interfaith harmony as well as multiculturalism that exists in the society and how the challenges being faced in different communities can be handled through dialogues and working together instead of creating violence to end violence. The challenges focused were gang wars, drugs, and extortion, which were being faced in the selected communities.


This also gives the message of taking ownership of your areas instead of putting everything on the authorities.

Participants from all the three partnered schools played the lead roles with Team Zahrsss backing them and facilitating them in the supporting roles during the theater. It was an excellent play by these youngsters who were introduced to the theater for the first time.


The entire journey of the project Mein Hero which had been chronicled in form of a documentary was launched during the ceremony too where it was shown how the journey started with hitches till its successful end. Premiered today, this documentary is a must watch for all those who want to bring change in the society. There will be more private screenings of this documentary before it goes public.

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