Healthy Teeth for Healthy Life

Like the majority of Pakistanis, I was also not aware of the World Oral Health Day which is celebrated every year on 20th March around the globe to raise awareness regarding the importance of oral healthcare and the role it plays in our overall well-being. This year, campaign theme ‘Live Mouth Smart’ was revealed during its Annual World Dental Congress held in Poland last September. The campaign concentrates on smart ways to maintain and protect oral health throughout one’s life.

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Thankfully, I was invited to attend an event in Islamabad which was hosted by Shield Pakistan on the World Oral Health Day to not only provide free dental check-up and counseling to the people who cannot afford dental health care but also to raise awareness of oral health issues so that health associations and the general public can work together to achieve healthier mouths and happier lives.

The event labeled as ‘#ShieldYourSmile’ was hosted at several locations across Pakistan and targeted the young kids who shall reshape the societies in the future. One of the organizers I met in Islamabad added, “Shield Pakistan are always enthusiastic to raise awareness among the masses about the importance of oral health and it is a healthy mouth that leads to a healthy body.”

Pakistan, being a country with high poverty and below-average literacy rate, initiatives like #ShieldYourSmile are the need of the hour as dental healthcare remains a myth which results in poor dental health. Estimates say 95% of Pakistani population has untreated dental problems, therefore, such awareness campaigns need to take place more often and individuals need to be aware the role they play in ensuring a healthier life by a health mouth.


Check out the highlights of the event here.

Remember, healthier teeth lead to the healthier lifestyle. Realize your responsibility and revolutionize your health.

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