Zindagi Mubarak – Refreshing your life and memories!


Zindagi Mubarak is topping the twitter trends and becoming the talk of the town, do you guys know what it is actually about? It’s about Rooh Afza – a soul refreshing drink that is close to the heart of every Pakistan, making its way to the menu list of every household and not to forget its eminence during the Ramzan.


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.22.08 PM.png

Being in a relationship with the Lal Sharbat

Rooh Afza’s new TVC ‘Zindagi Mubarak’ is one perfect depiction of how we Pakistani’s tend to reminisce beautiful memories, how we connect with others and how we multiply love through extending gestures of love, kindness, and care. The TVC is about a father and a daughter’s bond – even though they are far, they still feel every memory that they made together, and walking through the journey where a father narrates every single memory, leaves your eyes watery.


Summer drink of the East

It reminds me of the beautiful memory I had with my late mother when she and I would always argue at the grocery stores as she would prefer ‘Jam-e-Shireen’ over Rooh Afza, however, she would always put my choices before hers; we’d buy Rooh Afza and share a glass of Rooh Afza. It is touching how this ad refreshed this memory and saddening how we take individuals for granted.


This TVC managed to be unconventional – because mostly we get to see people beating the heat with drinks; no doubt such drinks help us survive the heat, for sure, but this TVC had something more to offer through the bonding of father and a daughter.


Other look-alike drinks can imitate only the color, not the taste, aroma and the deep-down cooling properties which are peculiar to Rooh Afza alone. That’s why is seamlessly holds the title of ‘Summer drink of the East’. A drink that brings the colorful joy and texture on the Iftar table during the holy month of Ramadan, right? What you do think is the best Laal Sharbat in town?

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