The food that connects hearts: Biryani

Like they say music has no language, similarly, food has no language. In this day and age, almost every major restaurant serves a diverse cuisine; let it be Chinese, Italian, French or even Mexican. We are often so superficial that we just focus on the food and usually ignore where it is actually from. Recently, a television commercial was released by Shan Foods which highlights how food the joins people in a union, or two or more friends and neighbors who may have nothing in common.

Traditionally, Pakistanis have an aura of hospitality and welcome guests. Neighbors have always been as close as family and sometimes know more about our neighbors than we may know about our relatives. However, nowadays in our fast paced lives, we tend to ignore the joy in these little interactions. Sending over a bowl of kheer or a plate of biryani is a tradition that always leads to a smile, conversations, and friendships. Shan did a great job in portraying this tradition and Shan obviously knows that biryani unites us all with its perfect taste, texture, and aroma!

Food is strongly connected to culture. Even if we know nothing about the people of a certain region we do know about their food and begin to identify the traditions through their cuisines. For Pakistanis, biryani is a dish that is celebrated in all the corners of the country and undoubtedly, irresistible.

The Chinese neighbor – featured in Shan’s ad – remains sure for the fact that the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach. Shan most definitely won our hearts with just a plate of ‘Biryani’, as did the Chinese neighbor who was welcomed with open arms by her neighbors who may not share the same customs, values and most importantly the language. The TVC gracefully revives the traditions of sharing and caring for our neighbors. Thank you, Shan, for warming our hearts once again!

Leaving you with the following tweet. Oh yes, do let us know your thoughts about the TVC in the comment section below.

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