Give back to one who deserves the most

Being a guy and having lost my mother, I couldn’t cherish this relationship as I can’t be a mother nor I have a mother. The absence of the motherly warmth makes me miss this relationship a lot, every day.  This mother’s day, every other person celebrated the day with great enthusiasm. But, TCS sentiments’ idea ‘give back to your mom’, touched me as the core of celebrating this day is to appreciate the efforts that our mom keep doing throughout our lives.

TCS Sentiments promoted the culture of presenting gifts to our mothers on this special day by giving discounts and deals on every favorite item of your mom. Like, if your mom has had planned to buy something but she couldn’t because it was expensive or so – but TCS Sentiment made it very easy for you to present this gift to your mom. So, the idea also revolves around helping the children to present gifts to their mothers so that this act of care transcends beyond just a day.

For me, I didn’t get a chance to give back to my mom, this mother’s day, so I thought of giving back to my sister, who has been a support system since my mother departed.  By being considerate to my sister, I keep my mother’s love and care alive not just in words but in actions too. Hence, this another way for me to pay back to my late mother.

I would really want to know how you guys gave back to your mothers. Let’s share and strive to give back to our mother’s every day. Share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

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