‘A must-have on the iftar table’ has a message too!

Ramzan has always been a month that fosters the bond between families. No matter how busy our lives may get, we always get time to sit together with our families at Iftar and Sehri. This is the essence of Ramzan and its offerings. The most fun part is that we get assigned with duties for iftar or Sehri and I know most of you can relate it to it. Mostly during every Ramzan, I had this duty to make Iftari drink as it consumed less energy and time. And, only one drink fascinated me, that’s Rooh Afza. I loved the sweetness that it carried, not to forget the ease of making a Rooh Afza drink.


This Ramzan Rooh Afza’s TVC brought too many memories back to me – it lets you go into your own little world and connects you with the colorful yet forgotten memories. As I grew up with my grandma, the TVC instantly refreshed the memories I had with her as now she is no more with us and encourages me to follow her journey and legacy of being kind of everyone regardless of their socio-economic background, faith, rank or cast. The TVC beautifully highlights the narrative Pakistanis ought to preach their children and young family members – not just during Ramzan but throughout the year – to extend our table and reach out to the underprivileged; to fill the empty space in our heart with kindness, generosity, and tolerance; and to not leave anyone behind whether it is someone you know or don’t know.

With its tremendous popularity and ever-growing demand, it is an undeniable fact that Rooh Afza has maintained the same aroma, taste, texture, and effectiveness as it initially did in 1907 when it was launched in the sub-subcontinent for the first time. Besides being the ‘summer drink of the East’, the brand has shed light on several elements that are an integral part of the South Asian society with a strong social message that seems to have struck a chord with the masses.


All of us have the memories of our childhood coming back from school in the sweltering heat and drinking Rooh Afza.

Add yours: What do you think is the best laal sharbat in town? What is your favorite memory that unfolds with the laal sharbat? Sound off in the comments section.

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