Making Pakistan Greater!

Like every year, the month of Independence i.e. August brings countless moments for the people of our country to be proud of, to be grateful and to pursue whatever they may aspire. Among such notable achievements from this year is rather unusual but very modern – a trend once boosted under the political leadership, instilled patriotic waves among the masses, is now being carried out for not only a noble cause but also to bring home a global title of greater pride, joy, and amusement.


On 14th August 2017, a renowned local brand proceeded with the same spirit, value and message of celebration that unites us all. It was none other than Pakistan’s very own national brand ‘Peek Freans Sooper’ that broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest cookie mosaic in the shape of Pakistan’s flag which was designed by over 150,000 cookies measuring 226.51 m2.




A few days before the 14th August 2017 when I received an invite to attend the aforementioned event. I was equally surprised as intrigued, however, remained critical of the fact whether I should actually visit the event. For those of you who are out of Islamabad, let me first clear it that on 14th August, touristy spots are super crowded with visitors flowing in from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the nearby areas of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hence, I was super skeptical of actually going or not.


Yet, under the wave of unsettled enthusiasm, I drove towards Lake View Park, Islamabad which was merely 15 minutes’ drive away from my home, however, it took me two hours to actually reach the venue because of the traffic congestion due to 14th August. Upon arriving at the venue, it ensured me that it was a journey, most definitely, worthwhile. As I settled myself – I was impressed by the dedication of the participants, organizers and supporting staff who were paying attention to each and every nitty-gritty detail as the cleanliness of the cookies was the top priority throughout the activity. As per the announcement, all the cookies used during the activity were being donated to a local charity (BRAVO, this part just melted each corner, depth, and height of my stupid-crazy heart).


As Ayesha Janjua (EBM Head of Marketing) strikingly commented, “Pakistanis are brimming with raw talent; surpassing the world’s expectations on each and every pivotal moment and the participation of EBM sales and marketing team in this historic event demonstrates the true spirit of every Pakistani.”

Being there for over two-hour, I could witness how everyone was taking an equal part – from influential celebrities to the leadership of the brand itself – in ensuring that each one of has the power to make Pakistan a better, greater and brighter place in our own capacity, be it on the global scale, national, city or merely within the confined boundaries of our homes.


Few hours after leaving, I was informed on the phone that the hard work of 6.5 hours poured by the brand team, locals, volunteers, celebrities, among others, finally paid off and Pakistan, on its very birthday, brought home another moment to be proud of and landed a Guinness World Record.



Congratulations ‘Peek Freans Sooper’ for such an impressive initiative and as every other Pakistan, I happily rejoice for being a part of this initiative in whichever way I could possibly be.


Let’s conclude this on a note that ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’!



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