Unleashing the artistic spark on reels

In times like these when the media is filled with uncertainties, chaos, and negativity, we often tend to overlook the waves of positivity around us. Amongst those, is the recent contributions of fifty-seven Karachi-based artists who poured their creative spark to transform left-out, empty cable reels into stunning, majestic art piece which were installed at over twenty public spaces across Karachi.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.15.19 PM.png

The reinvented reels were intentionally placed at places like schools, hospital, parks, heritage sites across Karachi to add and revive the cultural and social significance of artistic interplay of colors, heritage, and reverse-imagination.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.16.12 PM.png

The transformation of cable reels into incredible tiny treasures illuminates the heart

Moreover, the photos of the installations were compiled and featured in a coffee-table book A Reel On Karachi – Art Installations in the City’ to mark completion of the project ‘Reel On Hai’ – a public outreach initiative of Karachi Biennale Trust – the book was exclusively launched at an event held in Karachi to instil a civic sense of responsibility amongst the masses for the conservation of heritage and art.

Speaking at the event, the CEO of Pakistan Cable Limited, Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy shared, “Depicting the project’s illustrated story, this book is a testament to efforts that have brought Reel On Hai to life and allowed for the transformation of cable reels into public works of art.”

A free e-book version of “A Reel on Karachi” is available at the Company’s official website: http://www.pakistancables.com

Upon seeing the awe-inspiring and vibrant photographs online, my faith was absolutely restored how the artists paid tribute to the legendary Pakistanis who hail from a variety of backgrounds, regions. Beyond the beauty of art, I dearly hope that the people will find the unusual installation interesting and question themselves about the much needed-art-of-recycling/reusing.



A glimpse of an artistic interplay of empty cable reels and the creativity of local designers


These artists, in fact, are the unsung heroes amongst who are investing their energies to showcase what happens and how a little attention turns the usual to unusual.

All in all, such artistic steps have greater significances in educating the masses about recycling, conserving the heritage, and bringing the communities together.

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