Bring the flavor to your squad

Over the years, I have begun to believe that conversations never go to waste, no matter how meaningless or silly they could be. When I turn and look back at my life, particularly my university days, I grow fond of indulging myself in the nonstop chitchat-turned-gossip with my friends in a silly dysfunctional cafeteria which seems perfect at the time.

The conversations proceed from ‘who was giving a treat and where’ to ‘who had a scene with who’, leaving my friends and I persistently intrigued to crave for more details and more slice to light up the spark. These conversations are always complimented with a Pepsi tin and a Lay’s jumbo pack.

Upon recently noticing a friend’s Instagram post in which she hangs out with her friend in a park, laughing and sharing a pack of Lay’s, it instantly hit me how the gossip between my friends remain flavorless unless Lay’s Masala chips are not part of the conversation. This has now become a tradition of our hangouts.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.26.47 AM.png

This photo was part of a recently launched contest by Lays Pakistan, entitled Lay’s Life Needs Flavor Photo Competition, through which Lay’s intends to encourage youth to unite with friends and spice-up the friendship bond with a pack of Lay’s. The competition is open to everyone in Pakistan who is 18 or above.

You can take part simply by following these 3 steps:

  1. Meet up with your friend, take a Lay’s pack (make sure the flavor is your group’s flavor, in my case, it is the Masala one)
  2. Immerse your squad in an interesting conversation and take a photo of the group featuring the Lay’s Pack
  3. Publish it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LifeNeedsFlavor (Make sure your photos are public or else they won’t be considered)

Tada, there you go, you have participated in this competition, now sit tight, keep your fingers crossed and wait to win exciting prizes through lucky draws.

The competition holds a vital value to me as it is the celebration of friendship which I firmly believe is the happiest part of one’s life and the competition enables to honor your friends on a global platform.

Your friendship (or squad) will not only inspire others to reflect back on their moments of happiness but will also enable them to take part in this visual storytelling of stories, friendships, and laughter.

To learn more, visit. Cheers!

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